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Episode 260 | June 9, 2024

A Passion to Incorporate Sustainability into Business As Usual

with Craig Coulter, EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility, Strategy & Operations Sustainability Leader

Craig Coulter has 12 years of experience with EY delivering strategy and advisory services to clients large and small with a focus on the environment and sustainability. In Episode 259 of The Sustainable Finance Podcast (SFP) he and I discuss his passion for building businesses, organizations and teams that incorporate sustainability to make it business […]

Episode 259 | June 2, 2024

The Trigen-system Produces Renewable Energy, Hydrogen & Water

with Betsy Schaefer, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at FuelCell Energy

In 2023, FuelCell Energy commenced operations of the company’s Tri-gen system for Toyota North America at the Port of Long Beach, California, where neighboring communities have been significantly impacted by decades of emissions from the ships, trucks, locomotives, and cargo-handling equipment. Betsy Schaefer, FuelCell Energy’s Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer joins me for this SFP […]

Episode 258 | May 26, 2024

ESG Metrics Convergence Is Critical to Market Transparency

with Laura Callaghan, Associate Director, ESG Services at Novata

Investors and asset managers need quality data that they can compare across companies, industries, and indexes. The critical need for convergence and harmonization of ESG frameworks and metrics globally is the topic of today’s program. Laura Callaghan, Associate Director of ESG Services at Novata, is going to take us behind the scenes into the Service […]

Episode 257 | May 19, 2024

Higher Ground Lays Out a Blueprint for Ethical Leadership

with Alison Taylor, Clinical Professor at NYU Stern School of Business & Executive Director at Ethical Systems

Alison Taylor, Clinical Professor at NYU Stern School of Business and one of the world’s most compelling experts on business ethics, has a new book, and after having read it, I recommend it to every executive, entrepreneur and student I speak to. In Higher Ground, with laser focus and insight, she lays out the reasons […]

Episode 256 | April 28, 2024

Harnessing Technology & AI for Renewable Energy Solutions

with Nicholas J. Davis, CEO at GridMarket.com

Today’s SFP guest believes that in the future energy will be clean, resilient, abundant, and free. Harnessing that energy will allow us to preserve wild places and protect the magic of our natural world, while propelling us to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond. Nick Davis, CEO at GridMarket.com, believes that we […]

Episode 255 | April 21, 2024

A Strategy that Prioritizes Social Justice & Climate Returns

with Andrea Longton, Author of “The Social Justice Investor: Advance Your Values While Building Wealth”

Andrea Longton is an award-winning author and professional social justice investor. She has raised over 1 billion dollars for social justice investments in the United States and has advised on another 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. Andrea’s new book is titled The Social Justice Investor: Advance Your Values while Building Wealth and will be released this […]

Episode 254 | April 14, 2024

Helping Companies Accelerate their Sustainability Journey

with Shila Wattamwar, CEO and Founder of Radiant Global Advisory

Today’s podcast guest loves to speak with investors and asset managers interested in the sustainable food space. Shila Wattamwar, Founder and CEO of Radiant Global Advisory, is an adviser to companies that are optimizing logistics, reducing supply chain costs and emissions and fostering community engagement as sustainability goals they expect will produce greater ROI and […]

Episode 253 | April 7, 2024

Making Sustainability Profitable with AI Automation

with Tee Ganbold, Co-Founder and CEO at Improvability AI

Tee Ganbold is Co-Founder and CEO at Improvability AI, the Generative AI improvement engine for sustainability. She was Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Clear AI, optimizing supply chains for sustainability utilizing knowledge graphs. Improvability AI enables companies to enhance their sustainability focus and increase profits through the power of AI automation – intuitive AI […]

Episode 252 | March 31, 2024

Targeting Leaders for Growth in Low-Income Consumer Markets

with Radhika Shroff, Managing Director, Impact Investing Private Equity at Nuveen

Sustainable Impact investing is at an inflection point in 2024, so where do Radhika Shroff and her Nuveen Private Equity team see value in this type of investing? Their investment thesis is rooted in addressing two critical and inextricably linked problems — inequality and climate change. They believe these problems create attractive impact investment opportunities […]

Episode 251 | March 24, 2024

Is it Really Over for ESG?

with Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO & Co-Founder at Datamaran

Many claim that ESG is dead. Our SFP guest today said that “ESG is broken” at NYC Climate Week last year. But ESG teams need ESG software in the same way that finance teams need finance software. Makes sense, but where should businesses start on this software adoption journey? Today followers of the SFP are […]