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Episode 243 | December 3, 2023

Why Is Only 2% of Global Philanthropy Climate-Related Giving

with Randall Kempner, Senior Advisor, Energy & Environment Program, The Aspen Institute

Climate-focused philanthropy has increased significantly in recent years, but it’s still insufficient relative to the size and urgency of the challenge. Randall Kempner is a senior advisor at the Energy and Environment Program of The Aspen Institute, and a global leader in advancing policy solutions for critical issues. He joins me today to discuss why […]

Episode 242 | November 26, 2023

Ownership Works & PE Join Forces for Employee Opportunities

with Anna-Lisa Miller, Ownership Works Executive Director & Gloria Mirrione, ED & Head of Sustainable Finance, Acre Americas

More successful employees create financial value for their employers and career opportunities for themselves. Our focus in today’s episode is how Ownership Works supports increasing prosperity through shared ownership, and that’s the mission of this non-profit organization. Executive Director, Anna-Lisa Miller joins me and Gloria Mirrione, Executive Director, and Head of Sustainable Finance & Impact […]

Episode 241 | November 19, 2023

The Pathway to Decarbonization for Public & Private Companies

with Mark Kroese, GM Sustainability Solutions at Microsoft & Mark Fischel, Carbon Product Lead at Novata

In his role as General Manager of Sustainability Solutions at Microsoft, Mark Kroese leads a team that drives product, customer and market development solutions that help Microsoft realize its goals of becoming a Carbon Negative company. Mark Fischel is the Carbon Product Lead at Novata. They are their launching their brand new tool, the Novata […]

Episode 240 | November 12, 2023

Climate Mitigation Strategies to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

with Sean Kidney, CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative

The Climate Bonds Initiative has identified five Hallmarks of a credible climate mitigation transition for companies. Today the SFP is fortunate to have Sean Kidney, CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative, as our guest to update our followers on how companies are using these Hallmarks and what climate mitigation action investors and their financial advisors can […]

Episode 239 | November 5, 2023

Black People Want Opportunities for Economic Mobility

with Lenwood V. Long, Sr., President/CEO African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs

“Policies and institutions that open opportunities for focus on people of color are not racist. They are not even an attempt to “level the playing field” after centuries of systemic racism. They are an effort to bring Black people onto the playing field of economic mobility after centuries of being locked out…” I’m quoting from […]

Episode 238 | October 29, 2023

One Platform Can Study Impact, Minimize Risk & Maximize ROI

with Karthik Balakrishnan, Co-Founder and President of Actual

Companies in every sector of the global economy are discovering that the full spectrum of sustainability-focused challenges are more than their own and must be solved in collaboration with their partners in other businesses. My guest is this episode of the SFP is Karthik Balakrishnan, Co-Founder and President of Actual, which has been featured in […]

Episode 237 | October 22, 2023

Asset Allocation with Positive Impact Drives Performance

with Emily Chew, EVP & Chief RI Officer and Anthony Eames, MD RI Strategy at Calvert Research & Management

I’ve had the privilege to work with both of today’s podcast guests as leaders of their company, the first to launch a Responsible Investment fund and still a leader in the field. Calvert Research and Management is part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management today and traces its roots to Calvert Investments, which was founded in […]

Episode 236 | October 15, 2023

Generative AI Analyzes Climate Bond Market Workflows for Good

with Krista Tukiainen, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at Climate Aligned

Climate Aligned is building the world’s first human-led, AI-assisted platform with the ability to analyze any bond issuer, borrower, bond or loan against any standard, framework, taxonomy or expert opinion in a fully customizable way, thanks to Generative AI. I’m excited to have Krista Tukiainen, Climate Aligned’s Chief Commercial Officer as my guest for this […]

Episode 235 | October 8, 2023

IPR’s Forecast Suggests Optimistic Climate Transition

with Anthony Hobley, Senior Strategic Advisor & Jakob Thomae, Project Director, IPR

My guests today are coming down on the side of a more positive outcome for a sustainable climate transition rather than the doomsday opinions we read in the media daily. Anthony Hobley, Senior Strategic Advisor and Jakob Thomae, Project Director launched the IPR Forecast Policy Scenario (FPS) 2023 during Climate Week in NYC. IPR, the […]

Episode 234 | October 1, 2023

Capital Meets Purpose in Community Economic Development

with John Holsdclaw IV, Rochdale Capital; Gloria Mirrione, Acre; and Harold Pettigrew, Jr., Opportunity Finance Network

Today’s podcast guests are a trio of leaders engaged in community economic development. John Holdsclaw IV, Gloria Mirrione and Harold Pettigrew, Jr. are on a mission to lift the banner of “Capital Meets Purpose”. I will ask Harold and John to share their thoughts on this theme for the upcoming 39th annual Opportunity Finance Network […]