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Top Advisors Give Strategies for LGBTQ & Multiple Generation Clients

Marci Bair, CFP® & Victor Orozco, CFP®, CSRIC®, Bair Financial Planning
Marci Bair, CFP® & Victor Orozco, CFP®, CSRIC®

Bair Financial Planning has been offering investment and lifestyle financial advisory services to clients for 20 years! Initially focused on the LGBTQ community in San Diego, CA, Marci Bair broadened the scope of her firm’s life planning and asset management advice when Victor Orozco joined the firm a decade ago. They now have clientele across multiple family generations and offers sustainable and ESG investment strategies as well as more traditional portfolio diversificaiton, and sometimes both to generations within the same family. We discussed the ever-changing list of acronyms and definitions in the asset management industry, all of which are finally about the same objectives of long term financial security that matches and compliments the lifestyle choices of their clients. Marci and Victor are actively growing their firm and adapting the services provided to their clients to meet today’s financial needs and tomorrow’s aspirational goals.