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Artesian Jumpstarts VC Funding for Female-led Startups

March 20, 2022 | EP. 150 | Female-led Startups, Gender Equality, VC Equity/Debt
Vicky Lay, Partner and Head of Impact Investments at Artesian (Alternative Investments)

Here is some disturbing data from the Harvard Business Review. Startups with female only founders receive less than 3% of global VC funding. And female founders and employees own only 11% of total startup equity versus 89% for men. Also disturbing according to the study is that most investors believe that entrepreneurial talent is evenly distributed by  gender! So what’s happening to opportunity for women? My guest today, Vicky Lay is mission driven to change these percentages. She’s Partner and Head of Impact Investments at Artesian Alternative Investments. Artesian is a global alternative investment management firm specializing in public and private debt, venture capital, and impact investment strategies. Lay launched the $100 millon Artesian Female Leaders VC Fund on November 29, 2021.