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TCFD and Structured Data Prepare Companies for the Net Zero Economy

Pratima Divgi, Head of Capital Markets, CDP North America

Net Zero emissions by 2050 is the new North Star for major corporations, governments and investors. In order to achieve this goal, corporate players across all sectors of the global economy must be held accountable. My guest today is Pratima Divgi, Head of Capital Markets, CDP North America. She leads engagement with the financial sector to measure and manage the climate and environmental impact of companies and guide them in deploying more sustainable practices. We discuss CDP’s efforts to help corporations generate structured data that helps them to assess, analyze and benchmark trends into the making of financial decisions. Then, using the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Decisions (TCFD) scenario analysis, companies can determine their readiness on climate and environmental strategies. This data is shared with 700 financial institutions that review how companies in a sector are preparing for the Net Zero economic journey.