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Federated Hermes’ Sophisticated Approach to ESG Risk & Opportunity

Dr. Sotiria Anagnostou, ESG Analyst-Responsible Investing Office, Federated Hermes

Federated Hermes, with $600B in assets, is one of the largest sustainable asset managers in the industry. Dr. Sotiria Anagnostou shares with listeners how their Responsible Investing Office has implemented a sophisticated in-house ESG data analytics and engagement strategy. Based on more than 20 years of experience, Federated Hermes has honed their approach. Their global stewardship team with cross-disciplinary expertise digs deep into the complexity of each company’s entire business model. This process generates more robust analytics than is typically possible using outside vendors or a checklist approach. Sotiria also explains how the second part of the strategy, company engagement, improves investment outcomes as well as building company relationships.