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How Your Employees Can Avoid Being Hacked While Working Remotely

Penelope Bise, Chief Cybersecurity Expert at ImpactVest

A recent Gartner survey reports a huge increase in spending on information security and risk technology: from 6.4% in 2020 to 12.4% in 2021, with spending reaching $150 billion. Joining us today is Penelope Bise, Chief Cybersecurity Expert at ImpactVest. Bise has an important message, especially for smaller financial services firms, who are even more at risk from phishing by malicious hackers. She explains that increased remote work because of the Covid-19 pandemic is heightening the risk because when workers are remote they tend to be less careful of cybersecurity, and the “Black Hats” are getting more sophisticated. Listen in while Bise gives tips to make sure you build in the right kinds of security systems and your employees adhere to the best protocols when working globally and while using other devices, like mobile phones.