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ImpactVest: New Private Equity Firm Focuses on Mission Driven Enterprises

December 15, 2020 | EP. 105 | EU Green Deal, GIIN, Impact Investing, private equity, Rise Fund, UN SDGs
Aisha Williams, Founder & CEO at ImpactVest

After eight years doing development work in the public sector as a U.S. Federal Government Boren Scholar, and four years in the private banking industry focused on ESG and SRI, Williams has recently launched ImpactVest, dedicated to private equity impact strategies that use the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) tenets. Williams shares the startling statistic that only 4% of impact funds are currently invested in Africa. We talk about the lack of private capital allocation to impact strategies in both developed and developing economies, particularly regarding gender equality, climate risk, and access to financial services.