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Podcast Archives: Clean Energy

Episode 211 | April 23, 2023

Technology Enables an Increase in Green Hydrogen Production

Fredrik Mowill, CEO at Hystar

Hystar AS, the Norwegian high-tech hydrogen company, recently announced a series B funding round of USD26 million to rapidly scale-up to full operations with an automated GW-capacity production line by 2025. CEO Fredrik Mowill says the company’s PEM electrolyzers produce green hydrogen from water electrolysis using less energy than existing technologies, and enable a substantial […]

Episode 181 | October 17, 2022

Dubai Launches Ambitious Clean Energy Strategy for 2050

Joost Smulders, Chief Investment Officer at Dubai Green Fund

Dubai Green Fund (DGF) is the funding pillar of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy for 2050, which has set some ambitious goals for the next 30 years. These include goals for Net Zero Emissions and establishing Dubai as a hub for ESG and Green Economy investment in the MENA region. Joost Smulders is Chief Investment […]

Episode 83 | May 18, 2020

Envision Solar: Easy, Fast, Scalable EV Charging Solutions

Desmond Wheatley, President, CEO & Chairman of the Board at Envision Solar

Envision Solar International produces sustainable technology innovations for EV charging, outdoor media, and energy security. Wheatley explains how Envision’s portable charging stations are completely self-contained, and require no permits, installation or customer contact during delivery.

Episode 62 | November 11, 2019

Renewables Expert Peter Fusaro Says Clean Energy Has Arrived

Peter Fusaro, Senior Advisor to AV Group Ltd.

Fusaro shares key findings from his research: (1) renewables are now affordable, with costs declining 40-90%, (2) U.S. corporate buying of renewable energy has doubled in the last two years, and (3) renewables are great investments for pension funds.

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