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Podcast Archives: Climate Impact

Episode 182 | October 24, 2022

OS-Climate is Building the Technology Equivalent of a Public Utility

Truman Semans, Founder and CEO of OS-Climate

OS-Climate is developing open data and open source analytics that companies, markets, and governments need for climate alignment. OS- Climate, a part of the non-profit Linux Foundation, is building the technical equivalent of a public utility to scale and accelerate sustainable business, finance, investment, and regulation. In today’s episode we will hear from Truman Semans, […]

Episode 109 | January 21, 2021

New Analytics Tools Provide ESG Data on Thousands of Companies

Reto Ringger, CEO & Founder, Globalance

Ringger brings 25 years of experience as a pioneer in sustainable finance to his new company, Globalance. The company is designed to be an interactive platform for investors to assess current portfolios against other models and indexes. Ringger talks about how investors can use the Globalance Footprint, an analytic tool that provides economic, social, and […]

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