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Podcast Archives: Climate Science

Episode 226 | July 30, 2023

Climate Science Drives Post-Pandemic Clean Energy Transition

Dr. Selin Calik, Climate Change Scientist and Green Energy Observer- UNFCCC, Founder of Women in Smart Energy

Dr. Selin Calik published “The Renaissance of Smart Energy: The Nexus of COVID 19 and Green Energy” in 2022, which describes the connection between Covid-19 and Climate Change with an emphasis on research in the field of clean and green energy. Calik is a Climate Change Scientist and Green Energy Observer for the UN Framework […]

Episode 73 | March 23, 2020

Climate Risk Is a Present and Future Business Critical Issue

Joey Lake, Chief Operating Officer at The Climate Service (TCS)

Climate Risk is the largest idiosyncratic risk left unmeasured in the world today by asset managers and companies. Investors can capture climate risk opportunities not yet priced into company data by the markets.

Episode 72 | March 18, 2020

Harnessing the Power of Science to Build Scalable Impact Solutions

Michele Demers, Founder and CEO, Boundless Impact Investing

Demers’ science-based research methodology provides investor-friendly, rigorous and cost-effective impact assessments by experts in financial analysis and environmental informatics.

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