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Podcast Archives: Climate Transition

Episode 240 | November 12, 2023

Climate Mitigation Strategies to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

Sean Kidney, CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative

The Climate Bonds Initiative has identified five Hallmarks of a credible climate mitigation transition for companies. Today the SFP is fortunate to have Sean Kidney, CEO at Climate Bonds Initiative, as our guest to update our followers on how companies are using these Hallmarks and what climate mitigation action investors and their financial advisors can […]

Episode 235 | October 8, 2023

IPR’s Forecast Suggests Optimistic Climate Transition

Anthony Hobley, Senior Strategic Advisor & Jakob Thomae, Project Director, IPR

My guests today are coming down on the side of a more positive outcome for a sustainable climate transition rather than the doomsday opinions we read in the media daily. Anthony Hobley, Senior Strategic Advisor and Jakob Thomae, Project Director launched the IPR Forecast Policy Scenario (FPS) 2023 during Climate Week in NYC. IPR, the […]

Episode 218 | June 4, 2023

Carbon Accounting Turns Climate Risks into Opportunities

Mike Wallace, Chief Decarbonization Officer (CDO) at Persefoni

Mike Wallace is an internationally recognized expert in the ESG & sustainability field. For over 25-years he has been advising corporations, non-profits, and government agencies on the development and implementation of sustainable business and investment strategies. As Chief Decarbonzation Officer at Persefoni (CDO) he works with corporate executive teams to help them understand sustainability risks […]

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