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Podcast Archives: Corporate Governance

Episode 143 | February 6, 2022

Climate Assessment Tools Drive Sustainable Business Development

Stacy Swann, CEO at Climate Finance Advisors, a certified B-Corporation

Anyone working in finance needs to stay current with what’s happening with climate finance and regulation because it affects the entire industry. And consolidation is happening within the climate reporting frameworks. Stacy Swann, the CEO of Climate Finance Advisors, my guest today, walks us through how banking and investment companies can use the data produced […]

Episode 90 | July 27, 2020

Bruce Herbert: Using Shareholder Engagement to Change Corporate Behavior

Bruce Herbert, CEO of Newground Social Investment, SPC & Investor Voice, SPC

Herbert is an independent shareholder advocate, and a pioneer in the field beginning in the 90s when he served on the national governing board with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR). He talks in detail about the engagement process and how to convert an adversarial approach into a conversation that brings results, including working […]

Episode 80 | April 27, 2020

Lessons from the Pandemic: Ignoring Science Carries Steep Cost

Georg Kell, Chairman of the Board at Arabesque

Kell, who is also a regular contributor to Forbes and the founding executive director of the UN Global Compact, talks about his recent article on the four lessons we should learn from the pandemic. Our conversation focused on Lesson #2: Prevention is better than cure. Kell discusses the danger of ignoring scientific evidence on climate […]

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