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Podcast Archives: Demographic Change

Episode 249 | March 10, 2024

Combining Value Investing & Sustainability Opportunities

Roberta Barr, Sustainable Investment Lead, Value Equities & Alex Monk, Portfolio Manager, Global Resource Equities, Schroders

As companies and investors continue to navigate the 3D-reset themes of decarbonization, deglobalization and demographic change, Schroders believes that it is important to consider the practical investment implications of these broad trends. In 2024, Schroders sees investors transitioning from simply thinking of ESG risk management and integration to an increasing focus on sustainable opportunities and […]

Episode 233 | September 24, 2023

A Global Reset in Patterns of Market Behavior Lies Ahead

Angus Bauer, Head of Sustainable Investment Research and Lazaro Tiant, Sustainable Investment Analyst at Schroders

A new regime in financial policy and market behavior is unfolding and the patterns of the past decade are facing a period of adjustment. Schroders Asset Management believes this new regime will be driven by several themes, including decarbonization, deglobalization and demographic change. In today’s Episode Three of this Schroders and SFP series we’re going […]

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