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Podcast Archives: Diversity & Inclusion

Episode 239 | November 5, 2023

Black People Want Opportunities for Economic Mobility

Lenwood V. Long, Sr., President/CEO African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs

“Policies and institutions that open opportunities for focus on people of color are not racist. They are not even an attempt to “level the playing field” after centuries of systemic racism. They are an effort to bring Black people onto the playing field of economic mobility after centuries of being locked out…” I’m quoting from […]

Episode 200 | February 8, 2023

Data & Technology Connect Wealth Managers to New Clients

Devon Drew, Founder & CEO of DFD Partners

DFD Partners is on a mission is to provide asset managers the most innovative, data driven distribution platform in the industry. Devon Drew, Founder & CEO of DFD Partners understands that diversity in gender, background, asset class and generation drives inclusion. That’s why the firm is dedicated to providing their platform services to those asset […]

Episode 193 | December 26, 2022

EMERGE ETF Portfolios Open Doors for Diverse Asset Managers

Jane Liou Li, Portfolio Manager, Senior Equity Analyst at Zevin Asset Management

EMERGE Capital Management recently launched a suite of sustainability-focused, diversified equity ETF portfolios to open new doors for high caliber, diverse investment managers who are often underserved in the industry. Jane Liou Li of Zevin Asset Management has joined EMPWR, a select group of women portfolio managers chosen to manage the EMERGE ETF strategies. Li […]

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