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Podcast Archives: Energy Transition

Episode 226 | July 30, 2023

Climate Science Drives Post-Pandemic Clean Energy Transition

Dr. Selin Calik, Climate Change Scientist and Green Energy Observer- UNFCCC, Founder of Women in Smart Energy

Dr. Selin Calik published “The Renaissance of Smart Energy: The Nexus of COVID 19 and Green Energy” in 2022, which describes the connection between Covid-19 and Climate Change with an emphasis on research in the field of clean and green energy. Calik is a Climate Change Scientist and Green Energy Observer for the UN Framework […]

Episode 224 | July 16, 2023

How Schroders Leads in Decarbonizing Portfolios

Mark Lacey, Head of Global Resource Equities & Carol Storey, Active Ownership Manager

This is the second program in a series the Sustainable Finance Podcast (SFP) is doing with Schroders. We’re taking an in-depth look at what Schroders is calling a global reset in the markets and the emergence of a new regime in financial policy and market behavior. My guests today are Mark Lacey, Head of Global […]

Episode 191 | December 11, 2022

Green Hydrogen Hubs will Fuel the Low Carbon U.S. Economy Transition

Dr. Venera Anderson, Strategy Advisor and Author on Sustainability & Climate | The Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

Investment capital to fund hydrogen clean energy development is being raised in record amounts in the private and public markets this year, with both the supply and demand sides of proposed hydrogen energy solutions dependent on the development of hydrogen hubs.  Dr. Venera Anderson, a global Strategy Advisor and Author on Sustainability and Climate issues, […]

Episode 185 | November 2, 2022

Sustainable Transition Policies Will Be the Priority at COP 27

Luma Saqqaf, Chief Executive Officer, Ajyal Sustainability Consulting

Luma Saqqaf is the CEO of Ajyal Sustainability Consulting, advising corporates, financial institutions, funds and asset managers as well as counseling regulators and financial markets in MENA countries on sustainable finance issues. Saqqaf is returning the SFP today to discuss expectations for what will be accomplished at COP27 next month. Her Sustainability Consulting draws on […]

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