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Podcast Archives: ESG Data

Episode 230 | September 3, 2023

Why VCs Should Require Startups to Track ESG Metrics

Elizabeth Meyer, Chief Legal Officer, Novata and Rosalind Bazany, Partner and Head of ESG and Impact at Antler

Why should VC firms require the entrepreneurs they fund to track ESG metrics from day one and for the long-term? We’re excited to bring you Part 2 of our series with Novata, the platform built to empower private companies and investors to collect, analyze and report relevant ESG data. Our guests are Elizabeth Meyer, Chief […]

Episode 204 | March 5, 2023

Data Rules the Corporate Green Resource Efficiency Revolution

Bruce Kahn, Ph.D., Senior Portfolio Manager, Shelton Sustainable Equity Fund

Bruce Kahn, Ph.D. has recently joined Shelton Capital Management to bolster the firm’s Sustainable Investment and ESG expertise. In today’s podcast episode we’re going to begin our conversation with the green industrial transformation that is making corporations more resource use efficient related to water, land, energy and labor. Kahn’s extensive background in sustainable investment management […]

Episode 192 | December 18, 2022

NextGen investors integrate ESG data into investment apps

Deborah Yang, CEO, Co-Founder, DAIZY.com

In today’s program we’re exploring the changing needs and behavior of NextGen investors. According to my guest, Deborah Yang, these younger investors are using investment apps that integrate sustainability data and analytics into the portfolio ownership and management process. Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of Daizy.com, a sustainability insight app for Conscious Investing, is going to […]

Episode 155 | April 24, 2022

Why Private Markets Need More Transparent ESG Data

Lorraine Spradley Wilson, Chief Impact Officer and Head of ESG at Novata

Novata is a technology platform that’s pioneering a unique approach to ESG measurement, data collection, benchmarking and reporting in the private markets. This public benefit corporation recently closed a $21 million Series A Funding Round supported by the consortium of leading institutions in social justice, financial data and private market advisory that created it. On […]

Episode 57 | September 16, 2019

Next-Gen Leaders at the Frontier of ESG Stewardship

Peter Lupoff, CEO at Net Impact

Lupoff is passionate about mobilizing next-generation leaders to use their skills and careers to make a positive impact on the world.

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