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Podcast Archives: Generative AI

Episode 253 | April 7, 2024

Making Sustainability Profitable with AI Automation

Tee Ganbold, Co-Founder and CEO at Improvability AI

Tee Ganbold is Co-Founder and CEO at Improvability AI, the Generative AI improvement engine for sustainability. She was Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Clear AI, optimizing supply chains for sustainability utilizing knowledge graphs. Improvability AI enables companies to enhance their sustainability focus and increase profits through the power of AI automation – intuitive AI […]

Episode 251 | March 24, 2024

Is it Really Over for ESG?

Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO & Co-Founder at Datamaran

Many claim that ESG is dead. Our SFP guest today said that “ESG is broken” at NYC Climate Week last year. But ESG teams need ESG software in the same way that finance teams need finance software. Makes sense, but where should businesses start on this software adoption journey? Today followers of the SFP are […]

Episode 236 | October 15, 2023

Generative AI Analyzes Climate Bond Market Workflows for Good

Krista Tukiainen, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at Climate Aligned

Climate Aligned is building the world’s first human-led, AI-assisted platform with the ability to analyze any bond issuer, borrower, bond or loan against any standard, framework, taxonomy or expert opinion in a fully customizable way, thanks to Generative AI. I’m excited to have Krista Tukiainen, Climate Aligned’s Chief Commercial Officer as my guest for this […]

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