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Podcast Archives: Impact Investment

Episode 252 | March 31, 2024

Targeting Leaders for Growth in Low-Income Consumer Markets

Radhika Shroff, Managing Director, Impact Investing Private Equity at Nuveen

Sustainable Impact investing is at an inflection point in 2024, so where do Radhika Shroff and her Nuveen Private Equity team see value in this type of investing? Their investment thesis is rooted in addressing two critical and inextricably linked problems — inequality and climate change. They believe these problems create attractive impact investment opportunities […]

Episode 207 | March 26, 2023

Your Bridge Between Financial Markets & Social Justice

Rachel Robasciotti, Founder & CEO at Adasina Social Capital

Rachel Robasciotti and Adasina Social Capital believe in bold, decisive action to make large scale, systemic change throughout the financial system. This requires the interlocking of four levers: People, Investments, Campaigns and Education. Adasina works with community social justice organizations to define the criteria that guide the firm’s investments. Robasciotti then mobilizes other investors to […]

Episode 189 | November 27, 2022

How Corporate Boards Combine Climate Readiness with Diversity

Dr. Katrin Gülden Le Maire, Member of the Board, All-Party Parliamentary Group on ESG

If there was any doubt that we’ve entered a new era for corporate boards, the 2021 proxy voting season dispelled it. Activist Investors focused on accelerating the transition to clean energy and BlackRock voted against 255 directors during the 2021 proxy year. Dr. Katrin Gulden Le Marie is my guest today. She consults with companies […]

Episode 179 | October 5, 2022

Silver Leaf Partners Collaborate for Greater Investment Impact

Michael J. Scanlon, Partner at AiCE Group under Silver Leaf Partners

Silver Leaf Partners provides guidance to corporate clients, institutional asset managers and investors regarding ESG and Impact investment strategies. My guest today is Michael J. Scanlon, a partner at AiCE Group under Silver Leaf Partners. His team is currently raising capital for a Global Macro-LatAm fund and a multi-billion US Long / Short fund. These […]

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