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Podcast Archives: Low Carbon Transition

Episode 232 | September 17, 2023

The Journey To Smart Mobility Creates Investment Impact

Tonderai Leonel Njowera, Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance & Founder at Mosi Partners

Motivated by a lack of adequate and safe mobility systems and the potential of smart mobility to drastically reduce carbon emissions in emerging markets, Tonderai Njowera has embarked on a journey to catalyze investments in renewable energy and smart mobility in the South African and other emerging markets. Tonderai is a certified expert in sustainable […]

Episode 179 | October 5, 2022

Silver Leaf Partners Collaborate for Greater Investment Impact

Michael J. Scanlon, Partner at AiCE Group under Silver Leaf Partners

Silver Leaf Partners provides guidance to corporate clients, institutional asset managers and investors regarding ESG and Impact investment strategies. My guest today is Michael J. Scanlon, a partner at AiCE Group under Silver Leaf Partners. His team is currently raising capital for a Global Macro-LatAm fund and a multi-billion US Long / Short fund. These […]

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