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Podcast Archives: Nature Based Solutions

Episode 220 | June 18, 2023

Nature Based Solutions Combine Science & Investment Strategy

Gloria Mirrione, Acre, Americas; Charlotte Kaiser, BTG Pactual; Chris Larson, Alder Point Capital Management

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s episode. Many of you listening in today might be hearing the term Nature Based Solutions for sustainable investing and wondering what that means or thinking “I’m a finance person, not a scientist.” In today’s episode you’re going to learn how bringing science into your investment strategies will help you […]

Episode 185 | November 2, 2022

Sustainable Transition Policies Will Be the Priority at COP 27

Luma Saqqaf, Chief Executive Officer, Ajyal Sustainability Consulting

Luma Saqqaf is the CEO of Ajyal Sustainability Consulting, advising corporates, financial institutions, funds and asset managers as well as counseling regulators and financial markets in MENA countries on sustainable finance issues. Saqqaf is returning the SFP today to discuss expectations for what will be accomplished at COP27 next month. Her Sustainability Consulting draws on […]

Episode 180 | October 9, 2022

The Top Three Advantages of the Circular Economy

Eugenio Liu, Sustainability Consultant for ESG Strategy and Development

My guest today develops circular economy models and metrics to push for material impact in ESG measurements of e-waste, food systems, extractive resources, and mobility. Eugenio Liu consults with NGOs, development agencies, venture capital, and impact investment firms. Today we’re asking the questions: “What is the Circular Economy and why is it important?” And “What […]

Episode 177 | September 25, 2022

Indigenous Leaders Mobilize the Transition to a New Industrial Age

Kado Muir, Activist & Impact Entrepreneur at Dilji | Kado Muir Pty Ltd

The Ngalia people of Western Australia’s Central Deserts region have 23,000 square kilometers of exclusive possession Native Titled land, making them potentially the largest landowners in Australia, yet they live in poverty. In today’s Sustainable Finance Podcast (SFP) episode I’m speaking with Kado Muir, a cultural leader and traditional owner among the Ngalia people. Muir […]

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