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Podcast Archives: Net Zero Emissions

Episode 217 | May 28, 2023

Sustainability-Focused Leaders Deliver on Carbon Reduction

Scott Donachie, CEO, Companies for Net Zero

After a 25-year financial market and banking career, Scott Donachie founded Companies for Net Zero (CNZ), which brings together global business leaders via summits and networking events to share insights on delivering immediate climate outcomes. CNZ also publishes daily climate insights and education via its ‘CNZ Eco Forum’ smartphone app, which our followers will learn […]

Episode 205 | March 12, 2023

Growing EV Demand to Critical Mass in the Automotive Sector

Hughey Newsome, Chief Financial Officer at Piston Group

Hughey Newsome is in transition, out of public service as CFO of Wayne County, Michigan and into the role of CFO at Piston Group, a private investment platform founded in 1996 by auto industry magnate and NBA champion Vinnie Johnson. Newsome is on a mission within the automotive sector to grow EV demand to critical […]

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