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Podcast Archives: Net Zero

Episode 166 | January 9, 2023

TCFD and Structured Data Prepare Companies for the Net Zero Economy

Pratima Divgi, Head of Capital Markets, CDP North America

Net Zero emissions by 2050 is the new North Star of environmental impact ambition for major corporations, governments and investors. In order to achieve this goal major corporate players across all sectors of the global economy must be held accountable. My guest today is Pratima Divgi, Head of Capital Markets, CDP North America. She leads […]

Episode 181 | October 17, 2022

Dubai Launches Ambitious Clean Energy Strategy for 2050

Joost Smulders, Chief Investment Officer at Dubai Green Fund

Dubai Green Fund (DGF) is the funding pillar of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy for 2050, which has set some ambitious goals for the next 30 years. These include goals for Net Zero Emissions and establishing Dubai as a hub for ESG and Green Economy investment in the MENA region. Joost Smulders is Chief Investment […]

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