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Podcast Archives: Social Justice

Episode 255 | April 21, 2024

A Strategy that Prioritizes Social Justice & Climate Returns

Andrea Longton, Author of “The Social Justice Investor: Advance Your Values While Building Wealth”

Andrea Longton is an award-winning author and professional social justice investor. She has raised over 1 billion dollars for social justice investments in the United States and has advised on another 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. Andrea’s new book is titled The Social Justice Investor: Advance Your Values while Building Wealth and will be released this […]

Episode 207 | March 26, 2023

Your Bridge Between Financial Markets & Social Justice

Rachel Robasciotti, Founder & CEO at Adasina Social Capital

Rachel Robasciotti and Adasina Social Capital believe in bold, decisive action to make large scale, systemic change throughout the financial system. This requires the interlocking of four levers: People, Investments, Campaigns and Education. Adasina works with community social justice organizations to define the criteria that guide the firm’s investments. Robasciotti then mobilizes other investors to […]

Episode 144 | February 14, 2022

Amalgamated & Invesco Funds Lead in Social, Climate & Gender Equity

Cynthia Dalagelis, SVP Director of ESG Investments at Amalgamated Bank

Today’s program is about an unusual bank, so be prepared to expand your understanding of the role banks can play in growing sustainable investing. In fact, Amalgamated has been providing Socially Responsible banking and investment to the public for almost 100 years. It was founded by the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union Amalgamated for […]

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