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Podcast Archives: Solar Technology

Episode 247 | January 21, 2024

Transforming Desert into Profitable Plantations

Wissal Ben Moussa, Co-Founder & Chief Agricultural Officer of Sand to Green

According to the United Nations desertification caused by climate change affects a third of Earth’s land surface. This is a growing problem for the 250 million people directly impacted by the degradation of formerly fertile land. Wissal Ben Moussa, Co-founder and Chief Agricultural Officer of Sand to Green, says this Moroccan startup can transform a […]

Episode 48 | June 9, 2019

How MPOWERD Is Becoming a Global Leader in Solar Powered LED Lighting

Seungah Jeong, President and CEO MPOWERD INC

Since I interviewed Jeong a year ago, MPOWERD has increased the number of people whose lives benefit from Luci lights to 3 million from 2.3 million. In this interview she shares how they’ve become the leader in solar powered portable lighting, and as a centennial partner for Save the Children Foundation are distributing 10,000 Luci […]

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