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Episode 230 | September 3, 2023

Why VCs Should Require Startups to Track ESG Metrics

Elizabeth Meyer, Chief Legal Officer, Novata and Rosalind Bazany, Partner and Head of ESG and Impact at Antler

Why should VC firms require the entrepreneurs they fund to track ESG metrics from day one and for the long-term? We’re excited to bring you Part 2 of our series with Novata, the platform built to empower private companies and investors to collect, analyze and report relevant ESG data. Our guests are Elizabeth Meyer, Chief […]

Episode 149 | March 13, 2022

Dynamo Energy Hub: Bringing Top Clean Energy Innovators Together

Kristin Barbato, Founder & CEO at Build Edison and Co-Founder and President of Dynamo Energy Hub

In Q1 of 2020, Dynamo Energy Hub Co-Founders responded to the pandemic by pivoting their business model and expanding the digital programming component. How did they do it and did it work? Dynamo Co-Founder and President Kristin Barbato is on the program today to talk about this successful transformation. Barbato and I discuss their growth […]

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