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Arabesque’s New ESG Book Makes Company ESG Data Accessible & Comparable

Georg Kell, Chairman of the Board at Arabesque, Founding Director of the United Nations Global Compact

2,000 large global public companies with $100 trillion of assets under management are committed to meeting net-zero emissions targets agreed to at COP 26. But, a lack of corporate disclosure and ESG data consistency is limiting the amount of assets deployed to sustainable business activities, like managing climate risk for example. Arabesque, a global provider of ESG data, is leading the way in solving this dilemma. Today I’m talking with Georg Kell, Chairman of the Board at Arabesque, about their ESG Book, a new analytics platform that brings together a global alliance of stakeholders focused on shaping the future of ESG data. An exciting topic for our listeners because companies can make their ESG data more accessible, comparable, and transparent, and all of this at no cost!