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Podcast Archives: Transparency

Episode 212 | April 30, 2023

Sustainable Growth Goals Guide Long Term Investment Advice

Vanessa Zamy, Founder of Your Vision’s Catalyst

Vanessa Zamy is the founder of Your Vision’s Catalyst and a sustainable business growth strategist. She has been featured on Fast Company and NPR Marketplace. As a keynote speaker she enjoys delivering actionable tips to business owners that make burnout a thing of the past. Today we’re going to discuss common mistakes that sustainable finance […]

Episode 201 | February 12, 2023

Disclosure and Reporting Leverage Regulatory Transparency

Klaus Kunz, Leading ESG-Strategy @Bayer

Sustainability at Bayer means helping people thrive while reducing the company’s ecological footprint. Klaus Kunz is responsible for ESG strategy at all three Bayer Divisions, Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health. He believes that addressing food security, climate change and loss of biodiversity are the most material challenges in sustainable agriculture today. His work requires […]

Episode 155 | April 24, 2022

Why Private Markets Need More Transparent ESG Data

Lorraine Spradley Wilson, Chief Impact Officer and Head of ESG at Novata

Novata is a technology platform that’s pioneering a unique approach to ESG measurement, data collection, benchmarking and reporting in the private markets. This public benefit corporation recently closed a $21 million Series A Funding Round supported by the consortium of leading institutions in social justice, financial data and private market advisory that created it. On […]

Episode 154 | April 18, 2022

Schroders on Seeing ESG Through a US Lens

Marina Severinovsky, Head of Sustainability, North America at Schroders

It’s time to progress the ESG conversation with US investors, according to Marina Severinovsky, the Head of Sustainability, North America at Schroders. Severinovsky is on the program today with an important message for our listeners – policy, regulation, corporate action, and investor interest are all aligning to support the expansion of ESG in the US. […]

Episode 145 | February 20, 2022

Arabesque’s New ESG Book Makes Company ESG Data Accessible & Comparable

Georg Kell, Chairman of the Board at Arabesque, Founding Director of the United Nations Global Compact

2,000 large global public companies with $100 trillion of assets under management are committed to meeting net-zero emissions targets agreed to at COP 26. But, a lack of corporate disclosure and ESG data consistency is limiting the amount of assets deployed to sustainable business activities, like managing climate risk for example. Arabesque, a global provider […]

Episode 94 | August 24, 2020

Refinitiv Expands ESG Data Integration to Lipper Funds

Elena Philipova, Global Head ESG Proposition at Refinitiv

Philipova talks about the July 7 debut of Refinitiv’s Lipper Fund ESG Scores, which is expanding ESG data integration to the universe of funds Lipper tracks. We also discuss enhancements in Refinitiv’s ESG scoring methodology, making it more data driven by addressing major challenges like materiality, transparency stimulation, and size bias, and providing more industry-peer […]

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