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Hydrogen: Clean Energy Fuel for the Future

November 7, 2021 | EP. 129 | CAPEX, Hydrogen, private equity, Renewable Energy
Amir Sharifi, CIO of HY24 and Energy Transition Lead at Ardian

Today’s podcast is about hydrogen–what many of the largest industrial companies believe is the future of energy. In October 2021, HY24, the largest investment platform dedicated to financing clean hydrogen energy, was launched by a joint venture between Ardian and Five T Hydrogen. Amir Sharifi, the CIO of HY24 and the energy transition lead at Ardian, explains how the €500bn CAPEX commitment from large industrial companies as well as the €80bn in government subsidies is driving the development of clean hydrogen. Sharifi explains that his team is mobilizing €1.5bn for its first private investment fund in the EU, Asia, and the Americas, with the goal of achieving €15bn by 2027.