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Podcast Archives: Renewable Energy

Episode 259 | June 2, 2024

The Trigen-system Produces Renewable Energy, Hydrogen & Water

Betsy Schaefer, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at FuelCell Energy

In 2023, FuelCell Energy commenced operations of the company’s Tri-gen system for Toyota North America at the Port of Long Beach, California, where neighboring communities have been significantly impacted by decades of emissions from the ships, trucks, locomotives, and cargo-handling equipment. Betsy Schaefer, FuelCell Energy’s Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer joins me for this SFP […]

Episode 256 | April 28, 2024

Harnessing Technology & AI for Renewable Energy Solutions

Nicholas J. Davis, CEO at GridMarket.com

Today’s SFP guest believes that in the future energy will be clean, resilient, abundant, and free. Harnessing that energy will allow us to preserve wild places and protect the magic of our natural world, while propelling us to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond. Nick Davis, CEO at GridMarket.com, believes that we […]

Episode 223 | July 9, 2023

How Closed Loop Technology Provides Zero-Cost Waste Disposal

Tyler Wood, Director at Gravitas Infinitum / Carbotura

Gravitas Infinitum / Carbotura was among the world’s top 50 most innovative new companies in 2021. It uses industrial-scale modular facilities to eliminate Municipal Solid Waste and create renewable fuels, carbon sequestering critical minerals, and nano-biomaterials. In the process it delivers highly efficient, large scale carbon capture for positive environmental impact. Tyler Wood is a […]

Episode 210 | April 16, 2023

EVs are the Entry Point for Africa’s Transport Future

Fezile Dhlamini, Founder and CEO of Green Scooter

Green Scooter works at the cutting edge of the latest trends in renewable energy and urban transportation. The company manufactures a unique range of electric scooters designed for both commuter and cargo use. Welcome to our Sustainable Finance Podcast (SFP) conversation about South Africa’s first all-electric e-hailing platform and related online food delivery marketplace. And […]

Episode 185 | November 2, 2022

Sustainable Transition Policies Will Be the Priority at COP 27

Luma Saqqaf, Chief Executive Officer, Ajyal Sustainability Consulting

Luma Saqqaf is the CEO of Ajyal Sustainability Consulting, advising corporates, financial institutions, funds and asset managers as well as counseling regulators and financial markets in MENA countries on sustainable finance issues. Saqqaf is returning the SFP today to discuss expectations for what will be accomplished at COP27 next month. Her Sustainability Consulting draws on […]

Episode 175 | September 11, 2022

Enel Americas Grows Clean Energy Capacity to 10.9 GW in 2021

Aurelio Oliveira, CFO of Enel Americas

Aurelio Oliveira, Enel Americas’ CFO, is excited about bringing clean energy power to millions of additional customers in South and Central America. When Enel Americas’ Integrated Annual Report for 2021 was published, the company had 10.9 GW of Net installed renewable energy generating capacity. Oliveira and I discuss Enel Americas’ current and future plans under […]

Episode 134 | December 5, 2021

HEVO: A Trailblazer in Democratizing EV Ownership

Jeremy McCool, Founder and CEO of HEVO

HEVO’s new commercial partnership with Oakridge National Laboratories will revolutionize wireless EV charging. Jeremy McCool, Founder and CEO of HEVO, a pioneer in EV wireless charging, software, and services, describes how this new partnership gives HEVO access to Department of Energy EV charging technologies, accelerating the development of faster charging times, vehicle to grid access, […]

Episode 129 | November 7, 2021

Hydrogen: Clean Energy Fuel for the Future

Amir Sharifi, CIO of HY24 and Energy Transition Lead at Ardian

Today’s podcast is about hydrogen–what many of the largest industrial companies believe is the future of energy. In October 2021, HY24, the largest investment platform dedicated to financing clean hydrogen energy, was launched by a joint venture between Ardian and Five T Hydrogen. Amir Sharifi, the CIO of HY24 and the energy transition lead at […]

Episode 121 | July 13, 2021

The New Industrial Revolution: ECOZ Wins Best ESG ETF for 2020

Linda Zhang, Founder and CEO of Purview Investments

The ETF that Zhang manages and subadvises for, ECOZ, won the best new ESG ETF for 2020. We talk about how ECOZ’s carbon footprint is 85% lower than the S&P 500 Index. Zhang looks for companies that are focused on economic policy, corporate demand for clean energy, and significantly lower technology costs. These factors drive […]

Episode 84 | May 27, 2020

Impact Fund Targets Advanced Technologies in US & Latin America

TONY SAXTON: Co-Managing Partner, Terra Impact Fund; Founder & Managing Partner, Terra Group Holdings. PAUL SAVOLDELLI: Co-Managing Partner, Terra Impact Fund; CEO, Americas Management Group

The Terra Impact Fund uses private equity capital to target growth of sustainable technologies across multiple economic sectors in the US and Latin America, like ecotourism, sustainable agriculture, and waste-to-biofuel energy. We talked about their innovative partnership: Saxton finds new opportunities and Savoldelli provides the infrastructure to manage and scale up the new businesses. For […]

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