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Podcast Archives: ESG Integration

Episode 237 | October 22, 2023

Asset Allocation with Positive Impact Drives Performance

Emily Chew, EVP & Chief RI Officer and Anthony Eames, MD RI Strategy at Calvert Research & Management

I’ve had the privilege to work with both of today’s podcast guests as leaders of their company, the first to launch a Responsible Investment fund and still a leader in the field. Calvert Research and Management is part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management today and traces its roots to Calvert Investments, which was founded in […]

Episode 219 | June 11, 2023

Systematic ESG Integration is Built for Purpose

Nikita Singhal, Managing Director, Co-Head of Sustainable Investment & ESG at Lazard Asset Management

Nikita Singhal is Co-Head of Sustainable Investment & ESG at Lazard Asset Management, a $234.6 billion global asset management firm. She oversees the firm’s Sustainable Investment and ESG Integration strategy, leads client engagements and thought leadership on ESG topics. Nikita has been working in the field of sustainable investing for over 14 years at institutions […]

Episode 212 | April 30, 2023

Sustainable Growth Goals Guide Long Term Investment Advice

Vanessa Zamy, Founder of Your Vision’s Catalyst

Vanessa Zamy is the founder of Your Vision’s Catalyst and a sustainable business growth strategist. She has been featured on Fast Company and NPR Marketplace. As a keynote speaker she enjoys delivering actionable tips to business owners that make burnout a thing of the past. Today we’re going to discuss common mistakes that sustainable finance […]

Episode 187 | November 13, 2022

Schroders Accelerates Financial Advisor Education for 2023

Whitney Sweeney, Investment Director, Sustainability at Schroders

Schroders, a member of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, is expanding its US-based sustainability team. Marina Severinovsky, Head of Sustainability NA at Schroders recently introduced me to Whitney Sweeney, who has joined Schroders’ global sustainable investment team in the role of Investment Director, Sustainability. Sweeney is my guest for today’s episode of the Sustainable […]

Episode 167 | June 26, 2022

System-Level Investing Generates Long-Term Returns

William Burckart, CEO at The Investment Integration Project

William Burckart is the CEO of The Investment Integration Project (TIIP), a consulting firm that develops turnkey solutions to help investors manage systemic risks and opportunities in Sustainable and ESG Investing. Burckart co-authored “21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change” in 2021 with sustainable investing pioneer Steve Lydenberg, and  was a guest […]

Episode 164 | June 13, 2022

Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing

Sam Adams, CEO at Vert Asset Management

My podcast guest today is Sam Adams, CEO and Founder of Vert Asset Management. Sam is on a mission to help advisors invest sustainably for their clients. Adams and I talk about the book he has co-authored with Larry Swedroe, Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing. Each of the co-authors has brought their unique perspective […]

Episode 159 | May 15, 2022

The Difference Between ESG and Socially Responsible Investing

Sonia Kowal, President at Zevin Asset Management

Sonia Kowal, today’s podcast guest, made the following statement in a LinkedIn article in 2021, “ESG research and integration is part of an investment process to try and improve investment returns. It is not necessarily tied to values, ethics, morality, or mission.” But Kowal, who has been President of Zevin Asset Management since 2009, knows […]

Episode 140 | January 16, 2022

Berenberg’s Active Management Approach Drives ESG Integration

Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan, Head of ESG Office, Wealth and Asset Management, at Berenberg

My guest today, Dr. Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan, was tasked with launching the ESG office in 2018 at Berenberg Wealth and Asset Management. Berenberg is one of the oldest banks in the world, founded in 1590. As Head of ESG Office, Rupini has been working with its asset management teams to integrate ESG strategies throughout their […]

Episode 116 | May 3, 2021

Seeds: New Technology Builds on Inflection Point in ESG Investing

Zach Conway, Founder and CEO of Seeds, Managing Director of Conway Wealth

Seeds is an exciting new Technology platform that financial advisors can use with clients to help them align their values with their investments. Zach Conway, Founder and CEO of Seeds and Managing Director of Conway Wealth talks about how Seeds works and how it developed through his firm’s focus on balancing life and money. He […]

Episode 110 | February 16, 2021

Schroders Completes ESG Integration across all Investments in 2020

Sarah Bratton Hughes, Head of Sustainability, North America at Schroders

Hughes discusses their process for ESG integration, which includes Schroders Sustainability Accreditation, enabling clients to distinguish how ESG factors are considered across the firm’s products. The second phase of their process will include impactIQ, a platform encompassing the firm’s proprietary tools. impactIQ will enable Schroders to identify companies that build businesses that can adapt to […]

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