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Podcast Archives: Machine Learning

Episode 173 | August 21, 2022

How Will AI Speed Up the Adoption of Climate Regulations?

Samuel King, Co-founder and CTO of Briink

My guest today, Sam King, is Co-founder and CTO at Briink, a German technology company using AI and Machine Learning to support the adoption of the EU Taxonomy and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Listen in as Sam tells us how the taxonomy is going to regulate reporting for companies in the EU and […]

Episode 137 | December 26, 2021

Why the S in ESG Is Finally Being Recognized as a Key Performance Factor

Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok, Founder, CEO, Director of The S Factor Co.

Too often investors focus only on the E and the G in ESG investing: the environmental and governance factors. But what about the S factor, and why should investors and advisors care? Joining us today is Bonnie-Lyn de Bartok, Founder, CEO, Director of The S Factor Co., and she’s going to tell us why, and […]

Episode 124 | October 4, 2021

Why the CFA Institute Is Incorporating ESG, AI and Machine Learning

Matt Orsagh, Senior Director, Capital Markets Policy, CFA Institute

Is it time for financial advisors and asset managers to review modern portfolio theory (MPT)? The nature of our markets has changed dramatically since MPT became the standard for portfolio diversification. How will the rise of institutional investing, AI and machine learning, and the inclusion of ESG analytics affect the CFA certification and education platform? […]

Episode 122 | July 20, 2021

AI and Machine Learning Revolutionize ESG Analytics

Patrick Uribe, CEO of Util

If you’re an asset manager or investor, how would you like to be able to go through the roughly 150 million studies out there, and compare them with each other to target specific ESG data? My guest, Patrick Uribe, is the CEO of Util, a FinTech startup that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to […]

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