“I recently purchased a practice with a number of clients who were already invested in ESG funds. I didn’t have much experience with sustainable investing, and I admit I had a lot of doubts. But Paul walked me through how sustainable investing works, how to talk to clients about it, and how to incorporate ESG funds into my more traditional asset allocation model. During meetings with clients, I saw how passionate they were about ESG investing. And after Paul went through the research and long-term performance record, I now feel confident that I can offer investment products to my clients who want to get competitive returns and invest with their values.”
— Valentino Scaramuzzo, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CRPC

“There are many excellent SRI/ESG resources out there, but for me the best has been having a consultant like Paul to guide me through the process of integrating SRI into my client service and marketing models. I’m finding many clients have an inclination towards SRI once I’ve asked them about ESG portfolio allocation.”
— Janet A. Gray, CFP

“When an important client asked one of my team to incorporate more sustainable investing into her portfolio, I asked Paul for help. With his expertise, we were able to present the client with a sophisticated SRI analysis that impressed her and led to referrals. Since then Paul has worked with me and my team to deepen our knowledge and confidence in presenting SRI to all our clients. He’s helped us build relationships with major SRI investment firms and introduced me to key players in the industry. With Paul’s help, I’m expanding my prospecting to institutional investors, an exciting opportunity to grow my business. In my practice, talking about values and priorities is a key ingredient in building relationships, and Paul has helped us to make SRI an important part of this process.”
— Geri Pell, CFP, MBA, President, Pell Wealth Partners.
Featured in Barron’s rankings of “Top 100 Women Financial Advisors”

“After running a successful general financial advising practice for 20 years, I decided it was time to focus on a marketable niche and investigated sustainable investing. I know quite a bit about it having used SRI/ESG funds for certain clients over the years, so I felt comfortable with the investing aspect. I needed help marketing my knowledge. Paul helped me actively target my existing clients, and he was right that most of my clients were interested once I built the conversation into my service appointments. Even more exciting, Paul helped me get the message out to my community and build marketing events with clients, their networks, and my business partners.”
— George Zelenak, CFP, ChFC, CLU

“It was a pleasure to seek Paul’s support and thought partnership on the topics of sustainable finance media communications and ESG investment integration. Paul has a sincere care for social impact, combined with his deep technical financial acumen served as a really solid sounding board for us. He was generous enough to invite us on his podcast for a stimulating conversation as well to amplify our work, which we greatly appreciated. He is fantastic at asking questions (a real art), connecting dots, and understanding complexity to help you expand and clarify your ideas into more cohesive impact messaging.”
— Vicky Lay, Partner, Head of Impact Investing

“Paul Ellis is a treasure to the sustainable investing world. Long before it became fashionable, Paul was dedicated to helping educate financial advisors and bridge the gap between academia and practitioners. He is smart, caring and well regarded by all those who get to know him.”— Charles Hamowy CFP, CPA/PFS, CEO – Founding Partner at Seasons of Advice Wealth Management